Just SMS this SMS PORT <space><Phone Number> to 1900 and follow below instructions for Vi Port

Idea gives you the power to port your existing idea number to any other network whenever you want. There are times when you don’t get networks in a particular area and if you are planning to stay there for a long time, it is recommended to port your sim to the other sim network which works properly.

Even when the idea internet doesn’t work properly or your idea balance doesn’t get updated its mainly because the idea services in that area is not that good, to port your idea number to other network is probably the only suitable option.

Not only porting to other sim networks will give you good services in your area, but also you can get benefits from their offers as well which can be cheaper than Idea.

So, if you want to port your Idea sim number to other network because of this issue, then it’s the correct choice.

How to Port Idea to other Network

Well, porting your Idea number to other network is a very simple task. You can follow the below instructions to port your Idea number successfully.

  • Send an SMS in the format: PORT <space><Mobile Number> to 1900
  • Once you send this SMS from your Idea sim, you’ll receive an UPC which you need to remember.
  • Then you can visit any nearest Telcom store and ask for the offers of your desired network.
  • You’ll be asked to fill in an enrollment form and you also need to carry a passport size photo of yours and an address proof.
  • Once you are done filling the form, you can submit it and that’s it your sim of new network will be activated.
  • You will also be notified by an SMS when your Idea sim will be deactivated.
  • Now you can use your New Sim with the offers and plans you opted for.

What exactly does Port means?

Well, if you do not already know this, then don’t worry, as we’ll help you understand the meaning of it as well.

Once you buy a sim of particluar network say Idea and you use it for sometime, but then you find that the plans of your current network are a bit high for you or you don’t receive good networks in the area that you live in, which can interrupt your calls and internet connectivity. The only solution for this is to get a new sim of other network whose plans suit you and also you receive good network in the area. But if you don’t want wish to change your number then the only answer to your problem is to get your current sim network ported to some other network.

So, when you change your existing numbers’ network to other network, refers to as port. Like in this article we gave you the instructions to Port your current Idea number to other sim network.

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