Just Dial this No *191#

Idea allows you to transfer not only your talktime balance, but also your internet balance as well. This feature makes it easy for you to share your Idea sim balance with others. In case you don’t know what exactly it means, don’t worry we’ll explain it to you in a simple language.

Well, Balance Transfer includes many things like you can transfer or send your TalkTime balance or Internet balance to another number with the same network. It may sound tricky to you, but it is a very simple process and nowadays many people do this to send the balance to their loved ones.

So, as it is a very simple process and if you love to help your friends by sharing your balance, then it is the right place to learn about this thing.

As you know that we are always here to help you, so, in this article you will find a few ways by which you can easily perform balance transfer from your Idea sim.

Idea Balance Transfer Process (Method 1)

This is a very easy method, as you just have to follow the given steps to do a balance transfer successfully.

  • Open the dial app of your mobile phone.
  • Enter *191# and dial this number

Then you will get the following options:

Know your Plan

TalkTime Transfer

Ask for TalkTime

friends and families

  • Now as we are here to learn about balance transfer, so you need to choose the Talktime Transfer option and then enter the Phone Number on which you want to share your talktime balance.
  • Then enter the amount you need to transfer and remember that your number must have the talktime amount that you have entered.
  • And then you just have to Send and that’s it you have successfully shared your talktime balance.

In this process you need to remember one thing that you can send balance only in a certain format like you can send 5,10,20,50,100,150 and also you can only send five times a day.

Idea Balance Transfer Process (Method 2)

As the previous method, it is also simple and you can follow the given steps:

  • Just Go to the Dial App of your mobile phone
  • Dial this with same Order: *151*<Number>*<Amount>#
  • And that’s all, the amount that you have entered has been transferred to the the number entered by you.

What is Idea Balance Transfer?

If you have a good balance in one of your Idea number sim and you want to send a few or all the Idea balance to other Idea number of yours or of your friend, then this process is known as balance transfer.

There are many methods by which we can even transfer the Internet surfing Data as well.

Conditions to Use Idea Balance Transfer

  • If you are using an Idea then you can only send the balance to other Idea Number by using these methods.
  • Your Idea Number should be 3 months Old in order to transfer balance.
  • The Receiver Idea number should be 1 month Old.
  • You will be Charged for using this service.

Well, now that you know what is balance transfer and how you can perform Idea balance transfer, so you can easily send your Idea sim balance to others.

You can comment below if you have something in your mind.

You can also give a call on Idea Customer Care Number to Know more details.

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