Just Send This Message and follow below instructions: SMS PORT <space><Phone Number> to 1900

Airtel Port: If you are frustrated with your telecom service provider and want to change your sim to other network companies then this page is especially for you.

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Porting phone number is increasing day by day as most of the telecom companies have this strategy to grab other operator customers. So that they can able to make the profit.

It actually helps the customers because they get every offer at a cheap price and after that, they start getting benefits from other telecom operators.

Sometimes, you don’t get internet Speed or have Calling Issue near your Area, At that time Airtel Port will help you to change your operator.

How to Port Airtel to other Network

All you have to do is just sending a message to get UPC Unique Porting Code.

  • Send message just like this: SMS PORT <space><Phone Number> to 1900
  • Now you will get a code that UPC code. Save that.
  • Go to New telecom store where you want to port.
  • Tell them that you are interested in porting sim and ask for some offers.
  • After that, get those details and they will give you form just fill it up.
  • Attach your documents.
  • Give those form and document to that person.
  • And you are good to go.
  • He will give you a New SIM card.
  • you will be notified by SMS when your previous sim is going to close.
  • Use your New Sim as well as new offers and plans.

What is Airtel Port?

Well, there are many users who want to know about Airtel port.

Whenever your telecom network provider increase the price of your services then you have the option to port your Sim to other telecom network companies. Because different companies have different plans and offer with the help of that you can able to get much more offer and save your priceless money. They can Give you better Internet Plans and have some Good Calling connectivity.

I hope you understood what port is?

You can comment below your experiences. I would like to know about them.

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