Just Save this number in divert section of unreachable: +9117010

BSNL has been one of the mostly used sim networks across India and it has provided us with many of its services. There are times when our number gets switched off due to low battery or when we don’t want any disturbances, we switch it off, but sometimes our number gets not reachable as well when there are no good networks.

In these scenarios we don’t receive calls from anyone, and if they are some important calls, then we cannot know. So, to make sure that you don’t miss any important call, we can activate missed call services on our number.

When you activate BSNL missed call services on your number, you’ll receive messages whenever you miss a call from anyone when your phone was switched off or was not reachable.

BSNL Miss Call Alert Service Activate

BSNL Balance Check Number
  • Go to Settings > Call settings > Call divert/Call Forward. (It may differ from phone to phone, but the steps are almost same).
  • Now Mobile will list conditions when to divert Voice Calls.
  • Divert/Forward > When Unreachable
  • Type the number +9117010 Save

Deactivate BSNL Miss Call Alert Ussd Code

  • Go to Settings > Call settings > Call divert/Call Forward
  • Select Divert/Forward ->When Unreachable
  • Delete the number +9117010 or Cancel All the call diverts in Divert option.

However, this BSNL Miss call alert service is not free. You will have to pay Rs 30 monthly basis.

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If you have any query regarding BSNL Miss Call Alert then comment below.