Set Jio Caller Tunes (Your Favorite Song) via App [Recommended Method]

How to Set Jio Caller Tunes Number (Song List, Toll-Free, JioSaavn App) 1
  1. First you need to download Jio Music App also known as Jio Saavn app on your Mobile Phone: JioSaavn APK 
  2. Choose and play your favorit song and once you play it you will see Set As Jio tunes option. Click on this option and if you have a Logged in to this app using your Jio mobile number, then that song will be setted as you caller tune. And that’s it your work is done!

Jio Caller tunes are getting popular day by day because it offers free caller tunes to you and that too with an amazing range of varieties of songs. Most of us like to have a caller tune on our number and we don’t want to keep one song as our caller tune for a long time, because we get bored with that song or we find another song that is way more cooler than the current caller tune. You can even select different languages songs as well such as english, hindi, marathi, punjabi, gujarati, etc.

And also we don’t want to have a song as our caller tune which is old or out of trend and then also we want to change our caller tune with a new or trending song. Well, Jio has made it much easier for you to only set the caller tune on your Jio Number but also to set whichever song you want.

As I mentioned earlier that Jio offers caller tunes for free which is the most amazing thing that a sim network can give to their customers. Not only you can set the caller tune easily, you can change it, or even deactivate it whenever you like.

The most commonly used way to set Jio caller tune is by using Jio Saavn App.

Jio Caller Tunes Song List via SMS

SMS JT to 56789

Once you send the above SMS from your Jio number, you’ll receive further instructions to select and set the caller tune.

Set Jio Caller Tunes Number – SMS

Jio Caller tunesHow To Set A Caller tunes In Jio
If you want to make a song from a particular movie as your caller tune SMS ” MOVIE <movie name>” and send it to 56789
If you want to make a song from an album as your caller tune SMS ” ALBUM <album name >” and send it to 56789
If you want to make a song of a specific singer as your caller tuneSMS ” SINGER <singer name>” and send it to 56789

 Jio tunes Number (Message Method): Method 1

To give you a better idea of how to do this, I’ve given an example with the steps.

  1. Open the messaging app of your mobile phone and type MOVIE 3 Idiots and Send it to 56789.
  2. Once, you have send the SMS, you will get song options of the movie that you have entered and reply the name of the song that you want to set. Like you can send Give me some sunshine and send it.
  3. You will get another message and then reply with to that message accordingly.
  4. After that you will receive a new message from Jio and confirm the service by replying that message with a and you will get another SMS stating that your services have been activated.

How to Deactivate Jio tunes Number

In case you want to deactivate your current caller tune services, then you can follow the below steps:

  1. Send an SMS stating STOP to 56789and you will receive an SMS
  2. Then reply that message with 1 to confirm the deactivation.
  3. That’s it your caller tune services have been deactivated and you can activate it again whenever you want to.

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