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All you need to know about Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Ever heard of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool? What is it? Where is it used and How to use it? In this post, we will discuss all this.

Mi Flash tool is a tool developed by Xiaomi to Flash Stock Firmware on the Xiaomi phones in Fastboot or EDL mode only. If you want to get back to MIUI or you want to update your device to latest OS then this tool is all you need.

Using this tool you can directly download Fastboot Files from Xiaomi official site whenever new updates come out. Did you ever accidentally Soft bricked or hard bricked your device. In such a scenario, you can easily flash MIUI Fastboot ROM of your phone using this tool.

  • KeyPoints:

    • If you have an older version of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, uninstall it first.
    • You can try Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool for devices above Xiaomi Mi 3 only.
    • Mi Flash tool is available for both 32 Bit & 64 Bit Versions of Windows 7/8/10.
    • To flash Fastboot files, first Unlock Bootloader in order.
    • Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool is only supported on Qualcomm Devices.

Below is the list of all the versions of Xiaomi MiFlash Tool including the latest and previous release:

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Xiaomi Flash Tool Version

Download Link

Mi Flash Tool v4.5.9


Mi Flash Tool v5.6.1


  Mi Flash Tool v5.7.31


 Mi Flash Tool vv5.10.28


Mi Flash Tool v6.4.1


Mi Flash Tool v6.8.30


Mi Flash Tool v6.12.22


Steps to Install Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool on your Computer:

  1. Download Mi Flash tool from above links. This application supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Version Windows OS. If you have the previous version of Mi Flash Tool then make sure you uninstall it first.
  1. Extract the downloaded folder and then run MiFlashSetup.msi file to start the installation. If you get any security warning, just press Run button to continue.
  1. On the first screen Choose Next option. The installer will automatically choose Installation Folder. Just press Next button to continue the installation process.
  1. Choose Next to Confirm the Installation.
  1. Once installation gets completed, press Close to exit.

Now as you have successfully installed Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, you are ready to flash Xiaomi Stock Firmware/ROMs on your phones.

Guide To Use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool:

Installing Fastboot ROM Using this tool is quite simple. Just follow some of the below steps to make it happen:

  1. Download Stock Firmware (Fastboot ROM) of your Xiaomi device from that page.
  1. Extract the downloaded firmware in your computer.
  1. If you haven’t installed Xiaomi USB Driver then make sure you install it first.
  1. Next, Boot your device into Fastboot mode. For this, Switch off your Xiaomi Phone. Next, Press ON button+Volume Down button for few seconds until it boots into Fastboot Mode.
  1. After booting into Fastboot mode you will see a screen with Mi Bunny.
  1. Connect your device to the computer using Micro USB Cable. Windows will automatically install the required USB Drivers.
  1. Next, Open Xiaomi Mi Flash tool from the Desktop or Start Menu.
  1. From the screen Select the unzipped Fastboot ROM folder. Use the “Select” button to locate the folder of that Stock Firmware of your device.
  1. Press the “Refresh” button to check whether your device is connected or not. If it shows the device then you are ready to go further.
  1. Now, from the bottom choose any one option from them. I have explained the function of each of the command. Press the Flash button to Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM on your Xiaomi Smartphone.
  1. Once the flashing process completes you will get Success message on Flash total screen.


So, this is all one needs to know to get started with Mi Flash tool. Simple and easy to use application. Unfortunately, some Xiaomi Phones doesn’t support this tool including all MTK Variant devices. However, most of the devices do. Also, the app is not available for Ubuntu OS and Linux Users.

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