TvTap APK Download For Android [Watch TV Free]

Are you the one who is addicted to watching daily soaps, cricket matches, movies, news and whatnot. The place where you can find all this is through your TV at home but what about when you are out of your home and you are craving to have fun watching all these things?

The answer is pretty simple, you can download some apps offering live streaming to your Android device and just watch it. But Android apps come with paid services, can you afford to pay for the services offered by these android apps if the answer is no then don’t worry as we have got the solution for you. here we are providing you with a live TV streaming app which will allow you to watch your stuff for free.

TVtap APK download

If you have ever tried to download an app providing you with the ease to browse your content for free using play store, then you might not have found this one there and the reason is pretty simple i.e. this app is not available on play store which means you need to download this app through some link on google.

Here is the link to download the app: Download Now

How to install the APK on your android devices?

Here are steps which you would have to follow if you want to have this app on your android device:

Install TvTap APK       

Installing TVtap app on firestick

These days many of us do use Amazon firestick and one can download this app on Amazon firestick as well it’s pretty simple.

  1. Go to search and type downloader.
  2. Download and install the downloader
  3. Open the downloader and type () URL in the address bar to download the file linked APK to your device, this is to be done to install android apps on firestick. After downloading install and run the app.
  4. Enter the code to use the app.
  5. Scroll or search for the TVtap app
  6. Open the app and install it.

TVtap app features:

  • 750+ channels from US and UK to enjoy along with live streaming of matches.
  • Easy to use.
  • Screencasting which means that now you can screencast the content on yours. chromecast enabled devices.
  • No sign-up and registration: ya! its free
  • No VPN or proxy require: But we recommend that you use your own safety and privacy.
  • See what is trending around using the trending list.
  • Mark your favourite channels in your list.


So that was all about TvTap apk app which allows you to watch your stuff wherever and whenever you want so don’t wait and go for it and if you find any issues regarding its uses do tell us and thank us later.

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