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Last updated: 29 Jan 2020

Looking for mobile phones under 2000?Then you have come to the right site. Here you can find best keypad and touch mobile phones under 2000.

Want to go with some specifications like 4G, qwerty keypad phones and touch smartphones, then you can find a suitable list here. Companies like Samsung, Lava, MI, Micromax, Vivo, Volt, blackberry have best phones under 2000 which you can find here.

Want to know an amazing thing? You can also find second hand mobile phones under 2000 with best earphones.

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Firstly you’ll view a table containing top 5 mobile phones under 2000 with their main features. And top three are listed below them with further details.

Afterwards you’ll see a guide that you can read and refer before buying any mobile phone as it contain very basic requirements that we all need to know.Let’s Get Started 🔥

Image and Rating

Name and Features



5.08 cm (2 inch) QVGA Display,800 mAh Li-Ion Battery,ROM Expandable Upto 16 GB


3.81 cm (1.5 inch) VGA Display with 800 mAh Battery


4 MB RAM | 4 MB ROM,4.57 cm (1.8 inch) Quarter QVGA Display,800 mAh Battery


512 MB RAM | 512 MB ROM | Expandable Upto 32 GB,7.11 cm (2.8 inch) QVGA Display,1.3MP Rear Camera,1750 mAh Battery


32 MB RAM | 64 MB ROM | Expandable Upto 32 GB,4.57 cm (1.8 inch) Quarter QVGA Display,0.3MP Rear Camera,400 mAh Battery


Extra features: Simple design, coupled with user-friendly features is what sums up this Samsung Guru Music 2 feature phone, giving you reason enough to rely on this device for your important calls.





Extra features: Featuring an Enhanced UI and Easy Connection Options, the Samsung Guru FM Plus is a feature phone that any smartphone user would love to have as a backup phone.





Extra features: Back side of phone have soft round finish, and torch with a moderate 800 mah battery




So, now you know what all are the best options for you, but still there are few things that you must know and for that we have given a buying guide for you.

Top #5 Phones Under Rs 2000 in 2020

Get the best phone and play with it, whenever you want. 

  • Camera –  If you are buying for a photoshoot purpose then you have to get the one with a good high quality camera that gives you a feel like it has been shot by a professional.
  • Processor – The better the processor the better is the performance, it is recommended to buy a one with latest and good processor.
  • Battery Life – Battery life matters a lot because no one want to carry a cgarger with them all the time. So always go for a good battery life phone.
  • Storage –  When it comes to storage, you should always buy it according to your need, because if it lacks later on then you’ll be frustrated.
  • Display – You must check the quality of display because you don’t want to get a poor quality display and take the display size that suits you.

Features to consider when Buying a Smartphone

There are many features on smartphone that should be taken care of. BUt to make that easy for you, create a priority of things that you want and then look accordingly.

Display Size

Always go for a display size that is comfortable for you and suits you, because you don’t want too large display and also not too small display. So buy the one that suits you.Another thing about display is its quality and trust me you don’t want poor quality display because you’ll be stressed later on. So always get a high 

Performance & Camera

Always look for a good camera quality and a good performance, because you don’t want to get bad poor camera if you are buying the phone for clicking photos. And no one wants their phone to hang in between of a game or anything because of its poor performance.So it’s better to get these things good at once because then we’ll suffer later on.


Well, it depends on the model and the condition of the phone that you are planning to buy. But still make sure that you keep this option open only when it is an emergency.

Performance of a mobile phone does not depend on RAM only, the processor also matters for a high performance.

The answer is no!!! It depends on whole lot of factors.

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