#5 Best Call Recorder App for Android Phone

Best Call Recorder App for Android Phone

We all need to record calls for some of the other reason. Sometimes, it is for business purpose, sometimes it is due to important calls as you wish to remember all the details, and sometimes you wish to have it for no particular reason. Well, some of the phones have an in-built feature of having call recorders, but if you do not have the same, then you can download a call recorder app on your phone. Continue Reading

Best Cool Funny WhatsApp Group Names list [Family, Friends]

WhatsApp has become one of the most important ways of communicating for us. With its innumerable features, we have gotten all along with using it for texting, calling, and even video calling. One of the other things that WhatsApp has made it easy for us social addicts to catch up with friends and family members all under the same with a lot of people all at once. Yes, we are referring to a group chat. Continue Reading

Best Instagram Names [Cool, Funny, Unique, New]

The coolest Instagram username ideas

We all own a smartphone and probably use social media. With so many people using social media, how is it even possible for you to stand out the crowd and be remembered for something unique and cool. Well, it is your username. Social media platforms like Instagram have an amazing feature of letting of keeping a username of your choice which you fancy. You can go as creative as you want and take a name which not only is your real name but is a part of your personality, vocals what you are, what you do, what kind of a person you are, what you like, or anything as such. Continue Reading

#5 Best Alternatives of Evite

Best 5 Alternatives of Evite – Sites similar to Evite for planning Events and sending Invites

Here, we are making you aware of Evite which is a website of social planning. Evite enables delivering invitations and managing of the online invitations. Evite was launched in 1988 and it is a free of cost advertisement supportive service. Its interface is quite simple which creates online invitations on its website. In general, this invitation made online is called “an Evite”. Continue Reading

Download Instagram Stories on Android, IOS and Web

Download Instagram Stories: Instagram is one of the social media platforms used by millions across the world, it allows people to share their stories about a day, an event or whatever you say in the form of photos. People follow each other, their favorite stars and see the stories on this app, and one more reason which makes it more famous among people is that it is available on all the platforms, be it android, ios, windows or any other platform. Continue Reading

Top #4 Best AntiVirus Apps for Android [Download Updated]

All of us have a smart phone mobile device, we are using these devices to do every sort of work, be it sending messages, making payments, having a conversation and whatever you say. in this world of digital media, it is one such thing which we rely most upon, almost all our data and information is in our smartphone android devices and this same data and information invites the threats for our devices, the threats of being attacked by some malware or virus or some hacker etc. Continue Reading