Best MIUI 10 Features [Update]

Think about having a latest android device in your hand which is having each and every feature better than any other phone around you, do you want to buy it? if the answer is Yes then what are you waiting for? Let me guess, its your budget to buy a phone.

but hello Good Morning… gone are the days when we were to think twice before buying a phone because now buying a phone is no more about budget as now you get the quality phone with desired features at an affordable price.

Xiaomi is the name which comes to the mind whenever it is about providing quality phones with quality features and all this at an affordable price and now xiaomi has come up with its latest innovation in the field of android devices named as MIUI10

MIUI0 has been launched in India and is available to the xiaomi devices


           What is MIUI0 and how it is different

Xiaomi is known for its quality phone and that too at affordable prices but at the same time this brand has been infamous for its lack of software updates but this time the giant has come up with its innovation and it satisfies all the parameters to call it a must have one.

So let us take a glimpse into top 10 features of the new innovation:

#1. Virtual Assistant

 The names which come to ones mind while listening about virtual assistant is Google or Amazon but it will no more be the same as a new player has entered the arena. Xiaomi has also launched its virtual assistant which will be available in latest MIUI0 devices and also some selected models of existing devices will be having it in them soon.

#2. Virtual improvements

Now this one is for all those YouTube surfers and movie downloaders who prefer to watch their favourite stuff in a refined quality, as this latest innovation allows you to watch your stuff in a more refined manner and quality.

#3. Swipe gesture

swipe gesture allows you to navigate through your phone using your gestures only (ya the one provided in I phone x), now the giant has also come up with this feature to make you stand out of crowd so now you can also go to home page and recent apps using only your gestures.

#4. Artificial gestures:

Artificial intelligence is a need for today’s time it is as necessary in an android device as oxygen is for us, Xiaomi is providing you with this feature and now your most used apps will be sorted in a way that will save your time and efforts.

#5. Smart device integration

this latest feature allows you to enable many smart features like smart home, remotely controlling your devices, so now your phone will not only be a phone as you can do much more with it.

#6. Task manager

The task manager is something which is present in all the android devices available but this time you will be able to see full preview of your apps running in background and also you can close them with just a single tap.

#7. Volume slider

Usually volume slider appears on top of the screen but now when you will press the volume buttons it will appear on the side of screen where volume buttons are present.

#8. Android Oreo

Now don’t ask much about it, you know everything about it, it is the latest in the market providing you more advanced security features, better memory optimisation, fast multitasking and much more.

#9. Status bar

The status bar in the new version will now be showing you the brightness slider as well.

#10. Performance

Now don’t let us tell you about the performance which you will be getting from it, looking at the best and latest features you can guess that what will you get from this latest innovation.


So these were the features of the new innovation by xiaomi and what you can get from it, so go and get your chance now and thank us later.

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