5 Best IOS Emulators for Windows run IOS apps

iPhone is the dream mobile device for all of us out there. However, not every one of us has it. if you are an android phone user and wish to turn your operating system into that of ios, we might have something in store for you. Ios emulators are the way to turn your device into that of an iPhone. You can play all the games which only ios allows and also run almost all the apps which work only on ios. Since there are a lot of ways to go through with it, we have listed down five of the best ios emulators for windows run ios apps.

Best IOS Emulators for Windows run IOS apps

#1. App.io

This is one of the best apps for the cause. It has a lot of advantages include that is very basic in usage and super easy to navigate. It takes only around half an hour for uploading and also comes with a 7-day trial. It has been developed on the basis of cloud. All you have to do is sync the ios.appi bundle and also the Android apk file and you are all set to go.

Online rating: 3.5/5

Compatibility: Mozilla Firefox, Safari Browser, Google Chrome

#2. IPadian

This is one of the best ios emulators for windows run ios apps. It will bring you all the fantastic Apple features including that of watching OS, iMessages, Siri, and even TvOS. It also gets you a similar interface which is similar to ios devices. The app will make you feel like you are using an iPad on your window products and even android devices. The user interface of this app is super user friendly. It is available freely and costs absolutely nothing at all.

However, not all the apps can be emulated with this one. The game lovers can although rejoice, as this emulator is apt for ios games on PC.

Online rating: 4/5

Compatibility: Mac OS, Linux, and Windows.

#3. Air iPhone

This app is one of the most used ios emulator apps as it has been reviewed greatly for its features and usage. This app gives you the experience of virtual iPhone on any of the devices in android as and when you use it. it also supports Adobe Air framework which is quite aiding for the users and it can be downloaded from the official website of the app as well.

Online rating: 3.5/5

Compatibility: Windows

#4. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

It is actually a console and is known to be the best in the industry. The reviews it has received are awesome even from ios users. This emulator is like the greatest for people who are into gaming. You a get to play a lot of great games on this ios emulator on your desktop or laptop or PC.

It even lets you enjoy a virtual kind of console on your PC which makes the gaming experience very smooth without any issues related to lagging or anything else. You can also enjoy 3D games on the same. Sounds fun right?

Online rating: 5/5

Compatibility: ios, Mac, Windows, and Android

#5. Remoted ios simulator

A very easy and simple interface which makes it easy for you to navigate through it. this is another product under Xamarin. This app can be tested on any PC for almost all the ios apps. This can also be debugged with the aid of Windows Visual Studio Enterprise.

Online Rating: 4/5

Compatibility: Windows

You can choose any of the above-mentioned ways to go with turning your handset with android setup into ios.