#5 Best Free Firewall For Windows

5 Best free firewall of 2019

With all the information bouncing around the Internet today, consumers and companies—not to mention regulators—are becoming ever more concerned about online privacy. In this article, I compile a Top 5 freely available firewall for your PCs.

#1. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2019

#Free, Light and Powerful

This firewall protects you from malicious programs and allows you to make yourself invisible to hackers by using Full Stealth mode. It prevents Identity theft by guarding your personal data from hackers. It provides daily credit monitoring besides providing you with victim recovery assistance(US only).

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2019 is compatible with MS Windows Defender and is also compatible with all other antivirus solutions.

While installing the software, select customize installation option if you want to customize the app as per your requirements. While installing check each step carefully and then proceed. After installation is over, you can activate ZoneAlarm Firewall by submitting your email address.

Below is the download link for ZoneAlarm:

      Download ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

#2. Comodo Free Firewall

#Use easy Sandboxing to stop malware

Next in the list comes Firewall by Comodo, with a user-friendly and attractive graphical interface. This app is perfect for amateur users as it has no complex configuration. So, someone who has no idea which firewall to choose this app is a good option, to begin with.

This firewall Deny protection” feature which works with executable files to make sure they are safe. DDP-based security keeps you informed and PCs safe. This firewall allows you to change your DNS provider to Comodo Secure DNS for more faster and secure browsing.

Comodo Firewall provides you with sandboxed versions of Chrome, Firefox and Comodo Browser. You can start the browser with just one click at the top right corner of your desktop. You can control permissions for different networks or make rules for specific programs for allowing incoming traffic or outgoing traffic.

Download link is given below:

      Download Comodo Free Firewall

#3. GlassWire

#Fully-featured firewall

Apart from the basic function of a firewall, Glassware keeps track of data usage on your PC or mobile phone and get alerted before going over data limits. What I find sexier in here is you can check what your PC was doing when you were away.

You can see detailed network usage statistics broken down by IP/Host, app, network traffic types and more. Turn on “Ask to connect” mode to allow or deny new app connections. Set up custom firewall profiles for different scenarios.

It detects spyware, malware, badly behaving apps, and bandwidth hogs, then blocks their connections. It keeps an eye on other PCs over your network and gets alerted when new unknown devices join your network.

With premium version of GlassWire you can monitor your webcam and microphone, storing records for more than a month or download the basic free edition from here:

      Download GlassWire

#4. TinyWall

#Lightweight and non-intrusive firewall

TinyWall lets you work while protecting you with no annoying popups and configuration hustle. With this firewall, no drivers or kernel-components are installed which keeps the system stable.

TinyWall is more than just a controller as it adds new features to the Windows such Tampering protection, blocklists, and temporary firewall rules to increase its security. It actively blocks hundreds of Trojans, viruses, and worms.

The best part is it is 100% freely available. No ads, no artificial limitations, no upgrades.

      Download TinyWall

#5. OpenDNS Home

#Router-level Firewall

     OpenDNS Home is not a PC level Firewall, in fact, you can add it to all the devices connected to your router. All you need to do is make some changes to your router settings and connect to the internet via the OpenDNS server. So, protection in here is actually at router-level. OpenDNS is a suite of consumer products aimed at making your internet faster and more reliable. Protection against malware, phishing and ransomware are key-feartures. Also, it offers a range of content filtering options to keep the kids away from the filth.

    Download OpenDNS Home

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