#5 Best eMail Service Providers

Best email providers in the year 2019

In this day and time, it is very important for all of us to have an email account. Without an email account, the communication can be quite difficult. The whole of the communication in the corporate and business world goes on through emails, and thus, it is very important for all of us to have an email account.

However, there are a lot of email providers. With so many options, choosing the right kind of email providers is quite a task. You have to check how compatible they are, if they provide an easy interface app, how does the spam folder work, and many more things as such. Therefore, to work out things, we have listed down some of the best email providers of 2019.

#1. Google Mail

Google Mail was released in the year 2004 and un today’s date is the leader in providing email services of this industry. The best part about Gmail is its stripped back web interface. The window of Gmail has all various folders of inbox, drafts, sent spam, waiting list, and trash as well. it provides a user-friendly approach and makes work easy by providing instructions on the side when any updates are made.

#2. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is another well-designed interface for email services. it is quite similar to Gmail as well. before some time, yahoo mail had lost its name due to other email providers, however, the latest version of Yahoo mail is quite professional and loos really polished and has again become one of the top competitors in email service providing industry.

#3. Zoho

Zoho Workplace is an email service which basically works well for business orientation. It offers easy documentation management, and also has a host of collaboration tools and an online office suite. The free plan of this provider supports around 25 users and the number can be increased if you refer the provider to other people. It has around 5 GB of mailbox storage and you can also use it for your domain as well. Zoho is quite easy to use and also helps you organize your emails in a lot of folders including tags, smart searches, filters, and more.

#4. Outlook

Outlook offers a lot of features which are unique and exclusive. One of the best features it offers is the focused inbox. It also provides various abilities which are related to calendar and powerful events. It also offers a raft of app-based integrations. Outlook offers desktop incarnation and also has the facility of various folders and tools of the organization as well. it has an excellent toolbar which provides a lot of features which can be accessed by right-clicking them. The service of the email provider automatically finds out the emails and places which are important in its focussed inbox.

#5. Proton Mail

Proton Mail offers tight privacy features along with an end to end encryption for messages. There is a free storage space of about 500 MB. It an email service based in Swiss. The best and also one of the unique features which are offered by Proton Mail is that it gives a lot of privilege to privacy. It does not ask for any information which is intruding and invasive. You can easily log in anonymously, and this email service provider will not log in with your IP address and will not be able to read your contents no matter whatsoever.

So, these are some of the best email service providers in the year 2019 which you can choose. All of them work efficiently and it solely depends on your choice which one you find apt for your needs and requirements.

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