#5 Best Calorie Counter Apps {Android & IOS}

Top 5 calorie counter apps of the year

As they say, excess of anything is harmful. In the same, the consumption of a lot of calories throughout the day can lead to several diseases and make your overweight. Being healthy and always keeping a track of how much you must eat or have eaten helps in analyzing your daily intake. This will help you analyze if what you are eating is good for your health or you need some changes. Well, for counting calories, you might need a calorie counter app.

There are a lot of calorie counter apps available in the market. To make it easy for you, we have listed down some of the best calorie counter apps which will help you in counting your intake.

#1. MyFitnessPal

This is one of the best choices to make. When you open the app first, the app will ask you a few questions which are usually related to your activity level, what you are looking to achieve, and other details like height, age, weight, etc. you might have to fill these details before proceeding. After doing so, you can sign in the app with your email address and also generate a password to complete the sign-up process. All these details will be stored in your profile and you can change them as you want.

This app will recognize your needs and the data provided and determine the calorie intake you must have. Also, you can keep a track with your calories and put on reminders for the same. There is a step counter also and an option to check your progress. You can figure out about nutrition as well and also maintain a diary in the same. They also have a blog which is quite helpful for the readers.

#2. FatSecret

This app is also similar to the previous one. Here also you are asked about the present physical dimensions of your body and other details and along with that, you have to mention about the goals which you have in mind or where you want to take your calorie intake in the coming future. After you fill om the details, you will be taken to your diary. In your diary, you will have to register all the food items that you consume in the day with names, and the calorie counter will register its calories automatically.

You can also check your reports with the tab and also obtain nutritional information which might be of use to you.

#3. LoseIt

You have to fill your details here also. After filling the details, you can mention your target. Then you will see an option of Calorie Budget which will show the number of calories you consumed. There will be different options like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks where you can add about your intake and the calories will be counted by the app automatically. You can track your weight goals and also share with your friends.

#4. ControlMyWeight

This is a multipurpose app. It is free to use. Start out with filling your information, and set a target. Add details about what you consumed throughout the day and also you can add how much exercise you did so that the calories can be added or reduced according to that.

#5. MyPlate

Fill your details as you start, and they select a goal that you want to reach. You can also set reminders for your meals. This app also gets connected with Google Fit. You can map your progress as well.

So, these are some of the best calorie counter apps for you to try!

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