Whenever we talk of or discuss of conversations using the Android devices than the first name which strikes our mind is WhatsApp it has become such an important part of our Android devices that we can’t think about an android device without WhatsApp.

Everyone is connecting to others using this medium of WhatsApp, and to get connected to others through WhatsApp we have to undergo a verification process, but do you know that you can have your WhatsApp account without going through any verification process.

Here we are providing you with three tricks through which you can have your WhatsApp account without going through any verification process

Using these tricks, you can have your WhatsApp account without going through any verification process and your identity on WhatsApp will not be revealed to anyone, so read on to know more.

So there are two methods to create a WhatsApp account without going through a verification process.

Activate Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number or Sim SMS Verification

Method #1          bypass WhatsApp Verification.

Method #2          use the temporary number service to verify.

#1. Bypass WhatsApp verification

#1.  If you are having a WhatsApp in your phone, then you just need to take the backup of all the files and photos and then delete the WhatsApp account.

#2. Now download the WhatsApp again and Install it on your Mobile Phone or Your Personal        Computer (WhatsApp on pc)

#3. As you know that WhatsApp needs verification of your mobile number but our main aim is to use WhatsApp without a phone number so, lock your messages in your phone by putting the phone to Fight mode.

#4.  Now Open the WhatsApp on your device and enter your phone number.

#5. As your device is on flight mode, so you will not receive any message and your number will not be verified

#6. Now verification is not complete so, WhatsApp asks you to verify in an alternative way. so, now choose to verify through SMS or Check through SMS and enter your email address.

#7.     Click on “Submit” and without waiting a minute click on cancel. this will end the Authorization process. You need to perform this step quickly otherwise the authorization process will not end. You may need to try it several times.

#8. you need to Spoof the text message for this so you can use Fake Messenger for iPhone and Spoof Text Message for Android.

#9. Now go to Outbox and just copy the message details and send it to the false verification.

#10. Now, enter these false details in the false verification.

#11. Example of format to: +919958****** From: + (country code) (mobile number) Message: Your e-mail address

#12. A message will be sent to that fake number and now you are ready to use the WhatsApp.

This method works very rarely, most of the time it fails and you need to try again and again. So, we suggest you try the second method, it works 100%.

#2. Use temporary number service to verify Number

   To use this method, you need to install an application named Primo which is available for all platforms, Android, iOS, Windows and even for desktop and MAC also so, you just have to download and install Primo on your device.

#1. Open Primo and Signup to create a new account, you just have to select username and password. It does not ask for any mobile no. or email id.

#2. Now Login to the Primo app and Go to Menu. You will find your temporary mobile no there.

#3. Now you can use this custom number for WhatsApp verification, chose call as the mode for verification and you will get the OTP for verification on this primo app via call. Just use the OTP from app and verify your WhatsApp account.

#4. You will have your WhatsApp account without going through any verification process.

#5. But we will advise you to not to use this trick for any time of fraud or criminal activity, this trick can lend you in some serious punishments by law.

Share this whatsapp without number with your close friends so that they can also be able to get their whatsapp without their phones number.