1337X Proxy and Unblocked Mirror Site List

1337X Proxy and Unblocked Mirror Site List

Torrent sites have been around since a long time providing us all such content like movies, games, application etc for almost any platform and that also for free of cost. This has made browsing so easy like never before. You just need to select the link to download the content using different applications like Bit Torrent etc.

Due to the stiff competition, in this early 20th century, a lot of companies have now started to force them down because they were encroaching on their privacy content as software that cost use amount of money that was being provided free of cost.

Many countries started to pull them down to put these torrent sites to an end. To get rid of this and to find the solution of this problem, the owners of these torrent sites started proxying their websites to prevent them from identifying the real website and also ensures the users to access to more than one site and get the application of the other content that they were searching.

Here we are listing some genuine proxies of these 1337X Proxy sites:-

https://1337x.unblocker.ccVery FastOnline
https://1337x.bypassed.stVery FastOnline
https://1337x.bypassed.stVery FastOnline
https://1337x.unblocker.winVery FastOnline
https://1337x.unblocked.stVery FastOnline
https://sitenable.chVery FastOnline
https://sitenable.pwVery FastOnline
https://freeproxy.ioVery FastOnline

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These sites are working correctly in the present date according to our verification. Make sure that the Torrent is permitted in your country or state. In case, you are not sure, it’s better to use a VPN when you are downloading or using torrent links.

Unblocked 1337X Proxy and Mirror Sites List:-

1337X proxy provides a directory of the magnet links and torrent files which are used for peer-to-peer file sharing which was launched in 2007. It gained its recognition when Extra-torrent and Kickass Torrents were shut down in 2016. In the early stage, it was in the .pl domain but in the year 2015, it changed to .to to partly evade the block. This site is presently blocked from Google search.

1337X Proxy Sites and Mirror Links:-

1337X proxy has a lot of sites which offers the torrent links. But in today’s time, every day a lot of links are brought down or gets deactivated. To balance out the situation, new sites and Links are created in order to prevent the complete shut down of the site.

What is a Proxy?

Proxy is the means through which you can hide the real address of the site which enables the users to prevent their real identity from getting traced. To make this more clear, when various intermediate servers get connected with you and start serving you for one other server that you have no direct link with, the real identity of the server remains unknown to you. However, it is not 100% sure but it still works for the time being before anyone can actually get access to the real ID of the server.

But, as every concept has its own advantages and limitations, this also has its own drawbacks. Due to the presence of so many proxy sites, you must be careful to choose the appropriate and trustful ones. Due to the advancement of technology and the awareness of the loopholes too, many fake sites are there which advertises themselves as proxy sites of the torrent sites but actually, they are only fishing.

They will just trap you and infect your computer system with viruses, malware which leaks your vital information, files and documents. To make you aware of the real and tested sites and make you extra cautious, it’s better to take precautions by installing anti-virus on your system. It will help you to prevent the attacks which are prospected.

Using VPN:-

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a service that is provided by a lot of companies nowadays that encrypts all the traffic and routes all your traffic through a VPN server and replaces your ISP given IP address with another IP address.

VPN is not just for browsing Internet but any Internet which is assessing any application that is used on your computer or your mobile phone.

Among all the VPN services, free ones are limited but paid ones offers a list of masked IPs with increased speed.

VPS V/S Proxy :-

Many people prefer proxy rather than a VPN. However, there is not such a drastic difference between these two, there are some aspects which makes VPN better than a proxy:-

  • Proxy only secures you from accessing the Internet through a browser while VPN provides security against any access to the Internet, not only through a browser but also when you are assessing through different applications.
  • The proxy cannot match the standards of the security ensured by routing your traffics and masking the IP address.
  • any proxy server does not provide any extra layer of protection like VPN which does this job using a scrambler.


As of now, we have provided the list which includes all the genuine and active 1337X Torrent sites and we will keep updating you every coming day as the various list gets deactivated and added with faster speed access.

To have easy access to all the active links together with the speed that will be provided by the server, do bookmark this site to download the content at a faster speed and also don’t forget to install an antivirus and VPN to remain cautious and ready to handle any discrepancy.

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